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Unfinished Business





According to Klaus Voelker in Bertholt Brecht, eine Biographie, Brecht mischievously signed erotic two  sonnets, Thomas Mann.  He acknowledged Thomas Mann as a great stylist and author, but detested his high bourgeois stance and considered his politics hopeless. Brecht was particularly appalled at Thomas Mann’s approval of an American plan to ‘castigate’ the Germans for several decades after WWII.


Mann represented the Bildungsbuerger, whom Brecht basically considered responsible along with many other parts of German society, for the descent into the descent into barbarism represented by the Nazis.  The Bildungsbuerger was oriented towards a Germany of the mind, its intellectual and artistic tradition, the esteemed heights of authors such as Goethe and Schiller, and composers like Mozart and Beethoven.  They considered themselves above politics.


The revolutionary impulse that so shook France did not go into the politcal sphere in Germany, where it met a wall of reaction, but into the universities and the arts. Thus Germany became the land of poets and thinkers and approached modernity in a  backwards fashion.  Brecht saw Thomas Mann as the effete product of this deeply flawed tradition.   


These poems like Brecht's other erotiica were privately held during his lifetime.

Click on title for German original


Sauna and Sex            
Best fuck first and then the bath, I say.
You wait until she bends over at the pail,
Aroused slightly at the sight of naked tail,
And then reach between her legs and start to play.        

The first time, you hold her in that same position  
Then she mounts your dick, and we do it front to front,
Because she’d like to feel it deeper up her cunt.
Then of course in keeping with the old tradition,    
She assists with the bath, creates a resounding hiss
With a dash of water, gone when it barely hits the stones,
Lashes you all over with twigs of birch so that it seems    
You’re slowly turning red in the balsam-ladened steam,   
Hotter all the while, and thus refreshed finally to a bliss
That lets you sweat the fucking out of all your bones.


Sex in the Sauna
seducing angels

Click on title for German original

On the Seduction of Angels

Angels are best seduced fast or not at all.
Simply shove her into an entrance way
Stick your tongue into her mouth and play
Your hand beneath her skirt until she’s wet, fall
Down on top of her, turn her head, lift her skirt
And fuck her. Then make her come once more,  
Hold her fast if she groans and acts like she is hurt,
Otherwise she might shock you to the core.  

Admonish her to move her ass for all she’s worth
Encourage her to take her hand and stroke your balls
Tell her not to be afraid now while she flies and falls    
Hanging as she is between heaven and the earth -

 But while you fuck, do not look her in the eyes.  
And the wings, man, to crush them - is ill advised.



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